Creating a Jack O’Lantern For Your Home

1.      Choose a pumpkin

When you’re picking out your pumpkin, think about what shape might work best for your design. A pumpkin with a smooth front sometimes works best for carving in larger artwork. The shape of the pumpkin may even help influence the design you want to make. For our pumpkin, we chose to use an image inspired by our company logo.




2.      Prepare Your Pumpkin

With a sharp knife, cut a circle around the stem at an angle to the center. This will be the lid. After that, use a spoon to scoop out all the seeds from inside the pumpkin. We suggest putting down a drop cloth or newspaper for this step to make cleanup easier.



3.      Trace Your Design
The easiest way to transfer your design to the pumpkin is to print out your design on paper and then tape it on. Follow the design lines with a rotary tracing wheel or use an awl or thin screwdriver to make holes along the design lines about 1/8-inch apart. Remove the stencil pattern when you’re all done tracing it. If you would rather freehand your design, we suggest using a washable marker so you can wash off your lines once you’ve made your cuts.



4.      Start Carving
Pumpkin_Edit-3 Pumpkin_Edit-4

There are several different types of tools you can use to carve your pumpkin. We recommend using a pumpkin carving kit that you can get at a store. The tools in the kit are specially designed to cut and shape your pumpkin. They are safer to use than kitchen knives as well.














5.      Get Creative

After you carve the shape of your design into your pumpkin, try getting a little creative by just removing the pumpkin skin on some parts of the design. This will add depth and variation in color.







6.      Light It Up
Depending on where you plan on displaying your freshly carved pumpkin, you can either light it up with a candle up using a tea light OR a battery powered LED light. Then, step back and enjoy your new piece of pumpkin art!

Five Ways to Secure Your Job Site and Help Prevent Theft


Properly securing your construction site helps satisfy the top workplace priorities of safety, security, and theft prevention. The good news is that it is relatively simple and inexpensive to do so, your minimal investment of time and money delivers significant returns.

Theft and vandalism of construction sites cost builders more than $1 billion every year, according to industry estimates, so it is essential to make sure your site is as secure as possible. Following are five strategies that, when employed, can help make a significant difference in your site security efforts:

 fencing1. Portable Fencing
Renting a portable fence to install around the perimeter of your construction site protects it from theft and from those who would trespass to do damage to the site or the equipment on it. It’s quick and easy to install, can be installed in virtually any configuration, and costs less than permanent fencing. Portable fencing can also be used to protect your staff and visitors from entering areas of your site that may be dangerous. Temporary portable fencing panels are available from Honey Bucket in a standard 10′ x 6′ size, are secured with a clamp, and come with a T-stand for stability.

2. Lock Restrooms
In order to reduce the risk of vandalism of your portable restroom rentals, we suggest you use locks to secure them after hours. When you rent portable restrooms from Honey Bucket, we provide you with locks for them upon request.

3. Use Lighting
It is essential that you make certain that your construction site is well-lit to discourage theft, trespassing, and vandalism after hours.

4. Properly Store Equipment
At the end of each day, make certain that your staff is placing all equipment in a secured storage area. Take inventory at the start and end of each workday to make sure all of the equipment and tools are accounted for.

5. Keep Tools and Supplies Organized
Make sure that your staff is consistently storing tools and supplies so that keeping track of them is made as simple as possible. When these assets are stored in a haphazard manner, it is difficult to assess if theft is occurring.

Because construction sites are common targets for theft, it is important to make every effort to prevent theft and vandalism. These simple guidelines can make a world of difference when everyone on the team works together. Call Honey Bucket at (800) 444-2371 today to discuss ways we can help keep your job site secure.

Reasons to Rent Temporary Fencing


When fencing a site makes sense for sales events, employee functions, parties, advertising, or ongoing construction, temporary fencing is often the choice of business owners, property owners, and special event planners. Many have found that there are several reasons why temporary fencing works so well for a variety of sites and projects.

  • Compliance with local and state health and safety regulations – Many states, counties, and cities require that construction sites and certain special events be secured in a specific way. Check to see what these requirements are and decide if temporarily fencing off your site or property helps meet those requirements.
  • Cost – If your project requires fencing, keep in mind that temporary fencing is less expensive than permanent fencing because its cost is only calculated on the exact footage rented.
  • It’s quick and easy to install – Temporary fencing can be set up and removed much more quickly and easily than permanent fencing.
  • Versatility – Temporary fencing can be installed to any configuration your site requires.
  • No property damage – Unlike permanent fencing, temporary fencing doesn’t cause property damage because the installation and removal processes are less invasive to the site.
  • Provides Security – Temporary fencing protects your construction site from those who would trespass and try to do damage to it or the equipment on it. When used for an event, the fencing keeps those who are not supposed to be there off premises.
  • Provides Safety – Temporary fencing protects your staff and visitors from entering areas of your site that may be dangerous. With fencing, you have the peace of mind that they are not subject to possible injury.

Honey Bucket Offers Effective Temporary Fencing Solutions

Honey Bucket temporary fencing products HoneyBucketsBehindFenceare regularly used at construction sites of varied sizes, as well as during large special events. They enclose street festivals, protect VIP areas, and keep top talent safe from public access. Carnivals, community fairs, outdoor concerts, and celebrations of every kind – no matter what kind of event you are planning, Honey Bucket gets the job done.

Many of our customers also use temporary fencing for seasonal sales events because our fencing allows customers easy access to your lot to buy merchandise and provides a safe and effective way for you to secure the entrance to your site when your business is closed.

Call us at 800-444-2371 or contact us online to learn more on how to rent temporary fencing for your business or event. We are happy to discuss our temporary fencing

Portable Restroom Rental for Home Construction Projects


Construction_1Whether your next home construction project involves remodeling, fixing your roof, landscaping, painting or adding on to your home, it’s worthwhile to consider renting an outdoor portable restroom for the duration of the project. Although it’s not the first aspect of home renovation that typically comes to mind, keeping construction worker bathroom traffic outside your home is a good idea for many reasons.

  • Cleanliness – There’s bound to be a lot of extra mess in your home’s guest bathroom if numerous workers are tracking the outdoors – or cement, dirt, drywall dust, etc. – into the indoors. Constantly cleaning up after everyone will likely be necessary for the duration of your project unless they can use an outdoor portable restroom.Construction_2
  • Access and Privacy for Family Members – Providing a portable restroom for those working at your home means that your family always has access to your bathrooms and your home is a bit more private.
  • Saves Money – The cost of an outdoor portable restroom is relatively low when you consider how your water bill will rise with constantly flushing toilets and faucets running.
  • It’s Better for the Environment – Not only do portable restrooms conserve water, they typically have environmentally-friendly deodorizing products that don’t have harsh chemical ingredients.
  • It’s Better for Your Septic Tank – When you have a portable restroom on your property, you will save three gallons of water per flush. This adds up – especially when there are numerous people using your bathroom over the duration of your project.
  • Facilities Access if Your Water is Being Turned Off – Is the water in part of your home, or all of your home, being turned off at any point in the process of your construction project? If so, a portable restroom can be the answer to necessary access.
  • Keeps Potentially Dangerous Debris Out of Your House – Some projects involve working with hazardous materials that could find their way into your home if workers need to enter it to use your bathroom.

We Can Help


Honey Bucket is an experienced provider of hygienic portable restrooms to construction project sites, both large and small. We take pride in our professional approach and are committed to providing the best planning assistance, equipment, and service.

Call us at 800-444-2371 or contact us online for more information. Our experienced team will help you plan appropriately for your home construction project’s portable restroom needs.


Summer Event Rentals


Every summer, there are plenty of outdoor events that draw crowds of people. No matter what type of event, having the right restroom facilities is crucial to the event’s success. Clearly, portable restrooms are the answer. Quality outdoor portable restrooms offer convenience and comfort, are sanitary, and have a highly presentable appearance that is appropriate for the full range of summer events that are commonly planned across Washington, Oregon, California and Utah. Here are some examples of locations and types of events that we can provide portable restroom rentals for.


Festivals are more popular than ever and are often themed around various types of art and music. Many festivals last more than one day and attendees will often camp at the site of the festival, so it is especially important to make sure that there are enough quality portable restrooms placed throughout the area where the festival is taking place. Our event coordinators can help you determine how many restrooms you will need for your festival based on the duration of the event, number of attendees, and other information.

Picnic and BBQ Sites

summer2There will be plenty of BBQs, picnics and birthday parties scheduled at area parks throughout the summer. This adds significant numbers of people who require restroom facilities so public officials often rent portable restrooms to augment their facilities for the summer season.


Summer means more time on the water for many boaters who use marina restroom facilities. Some boat owners also host events on their boats that are docked at marinas. Adding portable restrooms to accommodate those who use the marina will ensure that there are enough sanitary facilities for all.

Concert Venues

Outdoor music concerts are very popular over the summer so it’s essential that there are enough restrooms to accommodate the crowds that these typically attract.

Hiking Trails

Placing portable restrooms at park trailheads is not only helpful for those visiting the park, it is also a way to keep the trails and the park, in general, more sanitary. It helps prevent destruction of paths and native plants in the area as well.

Sporting Events

Baseball, softball, soccer, tennis and plenty of other sporting events draw summer crowds to outdoor venues on a regular basis. Having portable restrooms on site will keep your guests happy.


Campsites experience high traffic over the summer and portable restrooms answer the need for augmented facilities during this time.

Carnivals and Fairs

Many of these events are specifically scheduled during the summertime because the weather is conducive to their success and people have more time to attend them since school is out. Nearly all of these events require a significant number of strategically placed restrooms for the comfort of their attendees.

Block Parties

summer3These neighborhood celebrations can grow quite large in some areas, especially when taking place on holidays like the 4th of July, so adding portable restrooms throughout the event space cuts down on bathroom traffic in nearby residences.

Planning summer events can take months of preparation but Honey Bucket will make the rental of portable restrooms, handwashing stations, temporary fencing and anything else you may need for your event quick and easy. We can explain the different options available and help you make the best choices for your event so that your attendees are as comfortable as possible. Call our experienced team at (800) 444-2371 today to arrange for your summer event rentals!