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24/7 Emergency Response Hotline for Nationwide Service 800.444.2371

With an inventory of over 28,000 portable restrooms and a variety of shower and restroom trailers, we are ready to respond to emergency or unplanned needs.

Our personnel have years of experience in portable sanitation including emergency response for forest fires, floods, and hurricane recovery. Our planning and execution skills have been developed and tested on thousands of special events. Many of these events have been in challenging conditions and remote locations including the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. We know how to mobilize the right equipment and people quickly, whether for planned events or responding to emergencies.

A selection of our satisfied customers includes:

Honey Bucket is prepared to respond quickly and to assist you on any emergency project. Make us your first call when you need fast response and the best in portable sanitation. Should you desire to develop emergency relief plans in advance, we can work with you to identify critical factors that will improve efficiency and response times.

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